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     Plan 17 is a ska punk band from South Shore Massachusetts. Members come from Whitman, Hanson, Monponsett, Norwell, and Hanover. The band started in December of 2000 with the line up of Moose on vocals, Chris on guitar, Josh on bass, and Dan on nothing (because he didn't have his own drum kit at the time). That line up was changed the first day to the line up of today. The band worked in basements, garages, and a 50 dollar a week practice space at Priority Studios. After writing really bad ska/punk songs such as Skankin' Scott, Almo is White Trash, Astro Pizza, and Lazy the band decided to cut a demo. In October of 2001 Jay and Matt joined the band, they both played trombone. The sound of the band slowly changed from crappy ska/punk to not so crappy ska/punk.

     The bands first show was in December 2 days before Christmas with Up the Ante and Jaya the Cat. The show went as well as a first show could go. Soon after this Matt left the band to pursue his acting career (or so we have come to believe). As the never ending search for new band members continued Kim joined a few months later. She picked up most of the songs very fast and she was playing shows within her first few months. As all this was going on the band was recording a really bad full length album they called "we rock, we roll, we're out of control." The 12 songs on this album consisted of sloppy lyrics, easy guitar parts, and a poor excuse for ska music.

     The band soon started to write a lot of new material. The songs that were coming out of practices are the songs you will hear today if you go to a show. The band recorded a live album at the Priority Battle of the bands. Their performance left them with 2nd place out of about 15 bands. In the winter of 2003 Mike Grant was added to the lineup playing trumpet. Plan 17 has played with some great bands such as: The Toasters, Catch 22, Big D and the Kids Table, Kicked in the Head, Jaya the Cat, Beat Soup, and many more. As the band continues to write new material, play shows, look for new band members, and record, they always have fun. Plan 17 will keep playing and hopefully bring back the South Shore Ska scene!

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Moose - Vocals

Josh Kehoe - Guitar

Chris Johnson - Bass

Dan Marotta - Drums

Kim McCabe - Saxophone

Jay Wolan - Trombone

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