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Table of Contents

  1. Music
  2. Band Bio
  3. Fact Sheet
  4. Pictures
  5. Contact Information

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These are Mp3 files, for a Mp3 player go here.

Mr. Belvedere (recorded at Priority Music Studio's Hanson MA 2001)

No Cause for Concern (recorded live at Priority Music Hall 2002) this link will bring you to mp3.com where you can download the song from their server.

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Band Bio

    Plan 17 started out in the winter of 2000 as a 4 piece ska/punk band playing in basements and garages in South Shore Ma. They have come very far in the last 2 years and have grown as a band. After adding a Trombone and Saxophone into the mix Plan 17 plays mostly Ska now. They have played many shows in churches and VFW's as well as Jarrods Place in Attleboro Ma, the Miracle East in Abington Ma, and the Westfield Skatepark in Westfield Ma. They put on a great live show with lots of energy and crowd participation. Plan 17 is always writing new material and looking to expand the bands line up. They are willing to play anywhere and to any crowd.

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Fact Sheet

Band: Moose - Vocals, Josh Kehoe - Guitar, Chris Johnson - Bass, Dan Marotta - Drums, Kim McCabe - Saxophone, Jay Wolan - Trombone

Releases: Live @ Priority 2002, When Ska meets Rap Vol. 1

Bands We have played with: Kicked in the Head, Jaya the Cat, Beat Soup, 12 Cent, Up the Ante ect.

Venues Played: Jarrods Place, Miracle East, Westfield Skatepark, Natick Center for the Arts, Priority Music Hall, VFW's, Church's

Plan 17 placed 3rd in the 2002 Priority Battle of the bands out of 20 bands.

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Contact Information


Josh Kehoe

315 Maquan st.

Hanson Ma 02341

Email: Plan17ska@hotmail.com

Call Josh: 1-781-724-0829

Web: http://plan17.tripod.com

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Joshua Kehoe.
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Revised: November 21, 2002.