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Date Time/Price Venue Bands
Sat 2/08/03 8pm / $10 bucks The Living Room in Providence RI

1-401-521-5200 for directions

The Toasters, Big D and the Kids Table, and Montys Fanclub

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Call Josh @ 781-724-0829

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Past shows

1/15/03 Gallary Cafe in EB w/ Stray Bullets

We had double the turnout for this show. Everyone who had a great time the week before came and brought friends this time. All together we made 200 dollars and split it with the stray bullets. The bullets went on first and really rocked hard. We took the stage and played till 10. We played a little sloppy but everyone still had fun. We have been asked to play the gallary everyone month!

1/08/03 Gallary Cafe in EB w/ Strutter

When we got to the Gallary Cafe there were alot of tables and breakable shit all over. It is a very small room but has a full PA. While strutter (an emo band from NH) took the stage the whole band was involed in an intence Chess game between Dan and Jay. Dan took Jay in the end. We took the stage infront of about 45 people mostly from East Bridgewater. We played our set and they were screaming for more! We ended up playing Astro Pizza, Infested, Crack Rock Steady and more. We also did a FHA cover with the help of Billy Hall on vocals. This show went over great and they asked us to play the following week.

1/04/03 Choppin' Block, Boston MA w/ BottleFight

This was a great show. The Choppin Block is a great little bar in on Huntington St. Even though only about 10 people watched the show everyone had a great time. The show was put together last min so no one ended up flyering it. We will hopefuly be playing more shows here very soon.

12/11/02 BSC Campus Center w/ Greg Mello and CATCH 22

First off i want to say sorry for everyone who couldnt get into the show, we had no idea that they were gonna check id's or we wouldnt have put up flyers for the show off campus. Other than that though the show was by far our best show. We got to meet and hang out with all the guys from catch 22. They are very very nice, Jay and the drummer were talking about laxitive! Their were over 200 people at the show and all of our friends were out skankin the night away! We sold out of our new shirts at the show but we will be getting more very soon. We would like to thank PC, Catch 22, BSC, and everyone else who made this show possible it was really a great time. I kept this short and sweet because at 12:13 it is now xmas day and i am goin ta bed!

11/30/02 St Johns Church Winthrop w/ Global Ruin, Come Up Swingin, Primetime, Jeepers H Crackers, The Farside Frenzy, and 12 cent

This Show was sooo bad. After getting lost on the way their we took the stage after come up swining. We played for i think the whole winthrop middle school. The PA was shit and we couldnt hear anything. We only played 6 songs and left. Sorry to anyone who saw us play but we couldnt hear anything. If you were at this show dont tell anyone that you were and we should be all set!

10/19/02 Worcester Palladium Battle of the Bands

We were all packed in Jays Rav driving down to the palladium yesterday. When we reached the band meeting we took our place in line. Moose sat up on something and a girl (who looked like a guy) told him to get down. Moose said no cause he though she was goofing around. She left and 2 mins later a bouncer came over and asked him if the girl had told him to get down and moose said that it was a guy. The girl had short spiked hair, guy shoes, guy jeans, and a big sweatshirt. The next thing you know moose and dan were in the office of the palladium and we were kicked off the show for offending the girl. Dan and Jay went back in to talk to the people. The two came storming out of the office and jay was among the hated now too. Moose and Dan went back one more time but it didnt work we were kicked off for good. Moose came out of the building very pissed off and he punch the wall of the palladium. The bouncer came running out grabbed moose by the neck shoved him against a tree and told him he was gonna fuckin kill him. He would have kicked his ass but the lady came running out and told him not to. They called us all punk ass kids...she didnt even know us. She said they were 2 sec's away from calling the cops so we took off. Moose was soo pissed off he didnt even wana get in the car so we were chilling by the rav once again. All of a sudden "put your hands up where i can see them." The cops had us up against the wall and the car for 20 mins while the decided weather or not to arrest us. All this for making a simple mistake. They did let us leave but we are not allowed to play the palladium or even be in that part of Worcester again.

10/11/02 Whitman VFW w/ Scotty's Emo Band and Chasing Tomorrow

This was a birthday party for our friend Kendra so if you couldnt make it sorry but u missed a hell of a show. We took the stage after Skankin' Scotts new band. We played half our set when dans drum thrown broke and he got really mad and left the stage. It was kinda funny i guess looking back at it. He came back and we played the rest of our set and everyone loved us. Kendras mom told me that we were awesome at least 5 times. But the real highlight of the night was when the DJ played London Calling and all the emo kids stopped dancing.

10/4/02 Priority Music Studio Hanson w/ Dan Marotta Experience, and Reserve

This show went great! The D Marotta Experience went on first and i think they scared the crowd of 15 - 20 people. They were made up of Dan singing, Chris playing guitar, jake doyle playing bass, and josh playing drums. After the experience Reserve went on to play an excelent set. When we went on there were about 30 some odd people there so it was an ok crowd. We showed off our new songs and played an awesome set. No one wanted us to stop so we played caress me down by sublime with special guest Wood on vocals, and a few Darkbuster songs that everyone sang along to. The show was recorded so maybe they will be up on the internet some time.

8/31/02 Rockland w/ Good Grief and Chasing Tomorrow

This was a party we played in some kids backyard. We showed up at the show with out the pa thinking there would be one but we ended up haveing to go back and get ours. We hadn't practiced in over a month and we sucked really bad but it was fun. We played atleast 5 cover songs most of which were operation ivy. Chris was hours late for work on his second week. We also found out Josh's Keys work in Kims car and vice versa!

7/12/02 Briantree K of C w/ Kicked in the Head, 12 cent, and Thats What She Said (from Maine)

We were all very pumped of this show. It almost didnt happen, the guy from the hall called us the day before and told us everything was off. After yellin at the guy over the phone and about 300 more dollars later we finally got the show back on. Thats What She Said played an awesome set! We will def. be working with them in the future on shows. We played our set next. We kicked ass, even though dan broke his bass drum half way through we kept on goin and closed with op ivy's Bombshell. 12 cent kinda sucked but then again do they ever play good? When Kicked in the Head took the stage everyone came up really close as the started there set. Everything went well other than garys vocals were a little to low. This was our last show of the summer so now we are on break. Hope to see u all at shows in a couple of months supporting South Shore Ska.

7/5/02 Hanover Congregational Church w/ 12 cent, JHC, Good Grief, and Built to Burn

This show was alot of fun. We had to break into the place because it was locked but once we were set up people started coming in. The 2 emo bands played first and were pleasing their fans. Then we played our set. We played sloppy but had alot of fun. The sound of the room wasnt very good at all. All of our fans most of which who were drunk made asses of themselfs and danced. Jeepers H Crackers played after us and were very fun to watch. 12 Cent closed the night with there set. All in all it was a very good show.

6/22/02 Josh's House

Ya we played in my backyard at a cook out with all of our friends. We had a great time cause the cops only came once. The highlighs of the day were ass follows: The P-Murder/Moose freestyle, Moose Dan and Josh swam in the pond naked, Mike hobart rapped out vanilla ice, Brian Weckbacher sang crack rock steady, Chris hit brian with his bass to end a fist fight, Flying food while plan 17 was playing, and last but not least ross was dizzy...again.

6/15/02 Banners Grad. Party Hanson Ma

Banners Party was alot of fun. Dan, Moose, and Josh woke up at Josh's house at 11 when Kim came over cause she woke up to early. We waited for Jay but he got lost and never ended up finding us. So we made our way down to Banners and it started to rain. We played with dan and the amps under a screen tent. We really sounded good and we had an all and all good time (except dan who was in an angry mood). Wood came up and helped us play sublime and everyone got soaked. Thats all that happend until the drinking later!

6/14/02 Mass Skate Co. Westfiled Ma w/ lots of shitty metal bands

Ok we got to this show after a 2 hour drive in 3 small cars and one drunk punk. James puked all over himself on the way down. We got to the park and the pa was not there yet. The pa never showed up so we had to rig up our bass amp and another pa head with some mics we brought. While we were waiting to play we set up off to the side and played a kick ass no mic set for all the western mass skaters. Chris and Moose were riding all over the place as well as brian loring. By the time the show started the only other punk band had left. The first band to go on was a metal band w. a girl singer. She was very nice to us until she started her set. That girl put a huge ass dent in our new mic, through a 2 by 4 into the crowd and was going crazy until she sat her ass down in the corner of the stage for the rest of the set. I have ot say i enjoyed watching it. 2 more metal bands went on and then we did. We played i think 4 to 5 songs because no one in the whole place wanted to hear ska music. We did have fun and on the way home we hit a denneys and made fun of some forein man. This show was a big waist of gas money and time, we did make 4 bucks in change by sellin sale merch.

5/30/02 Jarrods Place w/ 12cent, Beat Soup, and Stray Bullets

This show was very weird. Jarrods has a great set up for shows and would be a great place to play only if people showed up. We learned fast that it is very hard to get people to go to attleboro. We posted flyers a couple weeks before the show yet only 3 people showed up to see us (thanks lindsay, josh, and brian). We had fun out in the parking lot with dave (jaya the cat) and his band the stray bullets who were up on the show at the last min. Thanks for sharing your beer. We were the only ones not at the bar. We went on first and played a great set for 6 people. Beat Soup took the stage who started by played the specials and closed with a clash cover what gets better than that. And the sax player for there band is almost as hot as ours, she was skankin up a storm. We had to play the show with out kim by the way. Stray Bullets went next and are a great dance band even though no one was dancing. 12 Cent closed the night by drunkenly jam through there set in front of the 8 or so people that came with them. I dont think we will play at jarrods any more but we did have a fun night. Oh ya and we didnt get paid!!!

4/5/02 Priority Battle of the Bands (finals)

This show was the biggest show we have played so far. There were around 80 people just to see us which i think is a good turn out on a weeks notice. I hope we sounded good but priority doesnt have the best pa, in joe clapps works "it suck." We played a long set and recorded the whole thing for our live ep. Josh had 3 back up guitars and started off with a gibson, along side his guitar, chris's guitar and jakes guitar. We started with Skankin Scott and also played all the new songs. Bombshell was once again a big hit with the croud. We trashed our shit at the end of the show as always.

4/3/02 The Miricle East in Abington Ma

We got this show on 3 days notice and it was 21+. We did have a few friends go an most of our familys went to see us. We had alot of fun at this show and played the best set we have ever done. We have it on video and hopefuly can make some mp3's for the site. We went on for about 20 mins and had a little problem with the volume level. The booking agent wants us to come back soon though and play some more shows. This was a good warm up for sunday.

4/26/02 Beanzees in the Hanover Mall Cancled

Hey guys thanks to everyone who went to the hanover mall and to everyone who got kicked out of the hanover mall last friday. Heres the story when we got there all ready to set up we see the same sign everone else did "show cancled" we didnt even get a phone call. They had the hanover police there and said we couldnt play. they said "ska is not like reggae ska is thrash music and we cant have that in the hanover mall" the guy at beanzees did not inform the power tripped mall security about the show so when people started to show up the sec. guards got all excited about there work and prob all got erections. Well seeing that over 30 people showed up 45 mins early is a good thing for us but we are still very disapointed. Half the bands familys missed a chanced to see us out side of a "punk show" and even our teachers went to find that we couldnt play. The booking guy at beanzees says he still wants to do it but were not counting on anything. So in a nut shell a big sorry to everyone made the trip to hanover and just ended up hanging out in the shitty ass video arcade.

4/7/02 Priority Battle of the Bands.

We kicked ass at this show. Thats all there really is to say. Jay was in Cali so he was a no show but even w/ just kim we rocked. We went on second to last and had all our friends there, we had a 22 person guest list and an extra 5-10 people showed up. We opened with Skankin' Scott and tore through the first 3 songs with tons of energy. Right before Skippin School I broke a string and had to run around looking for Jake Doyles Guitar. The show continued after Chris told his asault with a battery story. We ran off the best 20 mins of plan 17s life even though the music could have been better the performance made up for it. After  we finished our last song Moose decided to play Op Ivy's Bombshell and all of our friends and more ended up on stage singing. It was a great time and a live cd and dvd are coming out of it as well. Hope we make it to the finals.

12/23/01 w/ Jaya the Cat, and Up the Ante @ the Natick Center.

We were all pumped for the show it was our first. We did get lost on the way but thanks to good ole paul johnson we got their first. Jaya came and they drank in their car untill they went on. The guy from sound check magazine was there checkin stuff out. It was Up the Ante's last show and they played a great one. When we went out 30 sec into the set the drums failed dan (who was very sick). We fixed it and again viva la ska, the drums fucked up just 1 more time. We got through 11 songs and most of the people were gettin into it. It was a good first show but if it wasnt our first show i would have said we sucked but because everyone had a few butterflies we did ok. Dan went outside and puked every where right after. Next time we are planning on doing alot better!