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~~~Tuesday, February 4th, 2003~~~

Hi How are ya? Cause were great. Thanks goes out to all our friends for calling into Hammer Time yesterday and supported us on the radio. We would also like to thank nancy for being a grrreat dj. Sorry to everyone who was confused about the station, we were too. The interview will be up on the site in about a month in mp3 form. Speaking about the site, we are redoing things here on plan 17 online. I (josh) figured it was time to hand my webmaster job to our long time friend skankin scott. Scott does the Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys site and he does a real good job. Scott and i are working on a new layout and we will be changing the address to www.plan17.net. In other news we toured the moontower studios and are goin to record our demo the 22nd and 23rd of this month. We will be deciding what songs are going to be on in next week. Right now we are practicing our asses off for our big show this sat! And last but definatly not least WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER in the plan 17 family. Mike Grant came to one of our practices last week and brought along his trumpet yesterday. He has been in other bands before with jay and he is a very cool kid. Mike is from Norwell and is 19. Thats it for now so I will see everyone at the show saturday!

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